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Stockholm Kartell

Katali XI

Katali XI

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Space-crazed navvies whisper of the shattered reality at the edge of the universe. Crossing is madness, yet the Gem War survivors spin tales of those who dared. One such tale is that of the Katali stations. Thirteen were created. Thirteen were lost. Bridger anchors moored to anomalistic space, where great minds observed the abyss, and perished as space turned.

A space anomaly in the form of a dimensional bridge has opened up in the Tenebris system. It takes those who dare pass through it to Katali XI, the last of the mythical Katali space stations, thought forever lost to the void.

A message from Katali repeats through the ports of the Tenebris system, offering a great reward to any who render assistance to the station. Will the players brave the perils of the void-infested pocket of space-time that lies beyond the dimensional bridge? Will they save the station? Will they save themselves? 

Katali XI is a scenario for DEATH IN SPACE RPG that takes the player characters to the mysterious Katali XI station. It was originally released as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the core book. Writing by Antroia.

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