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Stockholm Kartell

Search and Salvage

Search and Salvage

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“My name is Aiko, I am kidnapped--BZZZZ--Grasshopper--BZZZ--Please--BZZZ--help”

Someone needs help onboard the Grasshopper. The ship floats idly through the black void, somewhere in the Tenebris system. Whoever Aiko is, they will surely pay handsomely for any assistance. If not, you will at least have a nice debt to collect in the future. And you might find some nice salvage onboard—electronics to plunder, a weapon or two, or some fuel.

Search and Salvage is an officially released scenario for the DEATH IN SPACE RPG consisting of a ship-crawl onboard the Grasshopper. It was originally released as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the core book.

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