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Stockholm Kartell

Art by Nohr

Art by Nohr

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This ink-dripping brick of a coffee table art book collects some of Johan Nohr's finest pieces from between 2006 and 2023: from the blood-drenched neon demons of MÖRK BORG, CY_BORG and various zines to illustrations from unreleased game modules, abandoned projects and quick doodles. A lot of the artwork is annotated with thoughts and comments, as well as in-progress sketches, scrapped versions and more. A peek into the workshop, if you will.

Descend into a world of over-the-top, heavy-metal horror and screaming colors with this behemoth of a book. You have been warned. 

What is Art by Nohr?

  • Big! 270×340mm. You could use this as a weapon (don’t).
  • Heavy! 232 high-quality pages adding up to over 2 kilos.
  • Rich! Nearly 400 illustrations of weird, fantastic horror.

Get a copy signed and doodled by Johan, shipped from Sweden here

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