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Stockholm Kartell

CY_BORG Asset Pack

CY_BORG Asset Pack

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Please note: the digital Asset Pack files are available for free download on the CY_BORG website. But this is the way to go if you want it in fancy-ass print format. And fancy it is.

The CY_BORG Asset Pack is a bundle of game accessories that'll make your cybernetic life somewhat easier at the table. Including:

  1. A big (A2 size) poster map of Cy with its sectors and blocks, and a summary of its most prominent corporations and cults. For target practice.
  2. A pad of character sheets.
  3. The Location Pad; 34 one-page locations with adventure hooks, random encounters, secrets and loot. Three copies of each, so that you can tear them out and doodle on them with good conscience. 
  4. The one-page adventure Reaper Repo. Approach the killmatch champion Steel Jackhammer and recover his shiny new, and allegedly stolen, chrome legs (undamaged). There are only two problems: the legs are very much attached to Jackhammer, and he is—since two days ago—busy partying in his penthouse, along with a horde of drunk or stoned killmatch athletes, enthusiasts and other C-list VIPs. Let the party begin!
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