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Stockholm Kartell

Tephrotic Nightmares

Tephrotic Nightmares

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To the North is an ocean without water. Mountains form islands in a sea of Ash and cinder. Boats built of bone and sinew slice across the grey waves, hunting the strange fauna and one another. Once a forest, a verdant proliferation of green. Then came the Arsonist, and with her came fire. The conflagration lasted a year and left a sea of Ash, smothering more than the forest could ever have hoped to —enough to choke the Basilisks themselves. 


Tephrotic Nightmares is a hexcrawl adventure campaign for MÖRK BORG written by Luke Gearing and with art and design by Johan Nohr. It's edited by Jarrett Crader. 


  • Tephrotic Nightmares - 160 pages hardcover
  • GM-facing map of the Sea (A4)
  • Player-facing map of the Sea (A2)
  • Ship combat hex map (A3)
  • Ship combat chits (punch-out cardboard chits)

Exposed spine: The Arsonist's fires burned this book, exposing its spine like a gaping, blackened wound. This enables the book to lay flat on the table.

Sear-sealed texts: Tephrotic Nightmares' page edges are soaked in black ink which has dried to form a sealing crust, requiring you to tear it open. Either page by page or by grabbing the whole thing and breaking it like you would a human spine. If you want to read this book, you have to first defeat it.

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