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Stockholm Kartell

The Unseen Vaults of the Optic Experiment

The Unseen Vaults of the Optic Experiment

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Gruzx the Ever Watching—the infamous villain of the lands—has vanished. Howls and cries seem to come from the old tomb. And now everyone is complaining about bad eyesight? Best tie your shoes and grab your sword, for things are about to get messy!

  • A spooky 11 room dungeon with monsters, secret doors, treasure and weirdness.
  • Two (!) versions of the dungeon map—one clean and easy to use and one a bit more loose around the edges. But it's hand-drawn and funky and full of flavour!
  • Four full-page illustrations of scary, weird and disgusting things.
  • 8 original monsters with stats, special abilities and ideas on how to develop the story with them
  • Emotions brought to unlife, a (f)lying skull, cancerous but quenching hate-water, a mutant goblin that is also a vampire lord, aberration feces boiled together into an acidic, lumpy stew—and much, much more!
  • Originally written for your everyday B/X-like dungeon crawler game but restatted for MÖRK BORG so you can put this in the Dying World. Some themes and nomenclature might not suit it perfectly though, but you'll figure it out!
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