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Treasures of the Troll King

Treasures of the Troll King

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Galgenbeck is palimpsest. Tumour. A city built on the ruins of itself. Beneath the sewers the bones of the old city fester.
The troll-king Niduk was exiled, driven into the depths to rot and die. Now twisted by hatred and rage he oversees the small domain he has carved for himself, in a forgotten chapel to a murdered god.
Why are you here? A lost bet? A doomed quest for silver? Boredom?
Does it even matter?

Treasures Of The Troll King: a MÖRK BORG Adventure is an RPG sewer-crawl adventure by Chris Bissette, with art by Johan Nohr.

Treasures Of The Troll King is an adventure designed for one- or two-shot play.

The adventure takes place in two phases - a point crawl through the sewers beneath Galgenbeck in search of the sunken chapel that houses Niduk, the Troll King, and a location-based dungeon in the chapel itself.

During the adventure characters might encounter:

  • A pile of forgotten wishes at the base of a wishing well
  •  The Church of Forgotten Things, a sewer shrine to the discarded treasures of everyday life kept by a strange old man who has forgotten daylight
  • The finger collector, a strange denizen of the sewers who trades in digits
  • forgotten god sealed inside the bells of the chapel, begging for release

You'll find a host of weird locations, harrowing creatures, and new Occult Treasures and Scrolls to drop into your game.

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